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Is your role as a Scheme Executive in your residential complex taking too much time and creating unnecessary stress?


Use your time to call in the professionals.

PROPERTYZZ.COM has created a culture of continually developing and improving our services to the property market. 100% Black Owned & Managed, PROPERTYZZ.COM is a specialist property company, and proud to be recognised as the largest black owned residential Property Management group in South Africa, managing properties worth in excess of R2.5 Billion. As one of South Africa’s largest and most successful managing agents, the PROPERTYZZ.COM team consists of passionate, learned and solution driven young professionals, whose sole aim remains, to partner with you, in add value to your community scheme investment and improving neighbourgoodness in every scheme we manage.

Innovation and futuristic approach

Through our innovation and futuristic approach, we aim to demonstrate our commitment and desire to manage your scheme efficiently and effectively.

24 Hour Turnaround

24-Hour turnaround response policy during business hours.

Direct Access

Direct access to our Compliance Officer and experienced Senior Management Team.

Separate Trust Accounts

Separate trust accounts for each Scheme under our management – we promote absolute transparency.

Competitive Interest Rates

Competitive interest rates on general reserves and maintenance reserve funds.

Trust Account Balances

Quarterly independent, external audits on your trust account balances.

Verified and Secure

All supplier bank account details are verified on a third-party portal before payments are made, ensuring Scheme funds are secure and fraud risk is mitigated.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed monthly financial reports.

Online Owner Portal

A secure online portal containing Scheme specific documents and information including invoices, monthly reports and bank statements.


Assistance with financial and secretarial functions assigned to Scheme Executives by the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act.

Support Teams

Support teams coordinating Property Clearances, Tax & Audit Preparation and Insurance Claims.

24 Hour Call Center

A 24-Hour call center for emergency maintenance and your peace of mind.

The easy way to stay on top of your community scheme, no matter where you are.

PROPERTYZZ.COM is a systems-driven company with the most technologically advanced programs specifically tailored and developed for efficient community scheme management. Every facet of our business is driven through automated, custom designed systems, which have been implemented to ensure that processes run seamlessly to improve the value of your home and investment.

Our Online Owner Portal also gives Owner’s access to their Levy Statement and Scheme Documents and allows Owners to download Provisional Statements within a custom date range.

What are you waiting for?

You can contact the PROPERTYZZ.COM Team for queries on your levy account, body corporate maintenance matters or go directly to your scheme Portfolio Specialist. Scheme Executives have additional access to scheme Financial and Management information.

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